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Privacy Policy for armoredwarfareid.blogspot.com

Your privacy as a visitor armoredwarafreid.blogspot.com is very important to us.

In armoredwarfareid.blogspot.com we consider that the privacy of your personal information is important. And this is a description of what information we receive and we collect when you visit armoredwarfare.blogspot.com and how we store and maintain the information. We reiterate that we will never provide such information to third parties.

About the log file

As with most other websites, we collect and use the data contained in log files. The information contained in the log files include your IP address (Internet Protocol) your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser you use, the time when you visit and which pages you have open during a visit in armoredwarfareid.blogspot.com.

About cookies

Our site uses cookies to store information, such as information on your personal preferences when visiting our site. It may also be included to display a pop-up window for your first visit, or also to store your login information on our site.

armoredwarafre.blogspot.com also use third party advertisements to support our site. Some publishers these ads may use cookies when display ads on our site, which is also sent to advertisers (such as Google through the AdSense program) information such as the IP address (Internet Protocol) your ISP (Internet servide Provider), Internet browser you use and etc.

It is usually used for the purpose of targeting ads by location (such as displaying advertising properties in Jakarta, for example) or showing them tailored ads based on websites you have visited (such as showing ads gadget for those who often visit the sites gadget, for example) ,

You can choose to disable cookies via your browser settings, or by setting on programs like Norton Internet Security or the other. However, this can affect your experience in interacting with our site as well as other sites. Including you can not get in to our services, such as logging into forums or accounts that you have.
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